• There are many other commands which are useful. For example:
    • basename
        removes all leading directory info and specified extensions
        e.g. basename /tmp/epi.nii.gz .nii.gz   gives   epi
    • dirname
        just returns the directory path to the specified file
        e.g. dirname /tmp/epi.nii.gz   gives   /tmp
    • sort
        sorts files (by line) according to alphabetic or numerical order
    • which
        reports where an executable file can be found
        e.g. which flirt   gives   /usr/local/fsl/bin/flirt
    • head
        prints the first n lines of a file
    • tail
        prints the last n lines of a file
    • touch
        creates an empty file
    • paste
        merges files together (horizontally)