The FMRIB Plug-in

The FMRIB Plug-in Revision History

1.21 - April 26, 2006.

  • FASTR:
    • Fixed serious bug causing overfitting of residuals and removal of data when using OBS.
    • Fixed a typo bug causing problems in commandline execution of the plugin.

  • BCG Removal:
    • No changes.

1.2 (stable) - September 16, 2005.

  • FASTR:
    • Fixed bug causing 'index exceeds matrix dimension' error when processing non-eeg channels.
    • Added code to automatically lengthen the sections to be processed to insure enough triggers are contained.
    • Edited use of the 'find' command to be backward compatible with MATLAB 6.
    • Fixed typo bug when interpolation = 1.
    • Fixed problem when using '/' with single precision numbers.
    • Commented out test code causing problems when not in 'auto' mode.

  • BCG Removal:
    • No changes.

1.2b - August 16, 2005.

  • FASTR:
    • Adaptive noise cancellation now optional (MUCH FASTER).
    • Low-pass filtering now optional - use 0 to skip LPF.
    • Automatic selection of number of PCs to remove in OBS fitting / subtraction - enter 'auto' in the number of PCs to remove.
    • Fixed a bug which caused 'index exceeds matrix dimension' error when using volume triggers.
    • Fixed bug which caused low-frequency gradient artifact to be left in data when using volume triggers.

  • BCG Removal:
    • Fixed bugs which gave errors when data is in single precision.

1.12 - June 6, 2005.
BCG artifact removal tool fixed for a bug, which didn't remove linear trends associated with the artifacts. QRS detection is now more adaptive for sudden changes in QRS power.

1.11 - April 6, 2005.
Major (accidental) bug in the QRS detection code fixed. There was a section of the code repeated in the code (probably pasted accidentally with a mouse click). That is fixed now.

1.1 - March 16, 2005.
Gradient artifact removal tool now works for interleaved and volume triggers (beta).
Various bugs fixed.

1.0 - January 20, 2005.
Initial release.